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Paul Musgrave featured in the national news

(Vox, 11/27/17) Paul Musgrave, political science, says President Donald J. Trump has changed his view of China as threat to the U.S. and unfair trade partner because he believes he can deal with Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, in part because Trump likes dealing with authoritarian leaders. “The dominant theme of the president’s self-image, to which we have been exposed for decades, is that he regards himself as a consummate dealmaker,” Musgrave says. “Trump seems to most often return to the theme that the Chinese drive a hard bargain but they can be dealt with.” 

(Time, 11/30/17) Paul Musgrave, political science, says news that President Trump is ready to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn’t surprising. “It will ratify what is emerging as almost a consensus view that Rex Tillerson was the worst Secretary of State in modern time,” Musgrave says. “I actually think there is a good case to be made, ever.” 


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