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Paul Musgrave comments on the Trump administration

Professor Musgrave comments in a news story about how members of the Trump administration and some conservative politicians have adopted the idea of a “deep state” to attack their political enemies. He says the idea was originally used to describe countries where the military and national security apparatus played a large role in the actions of civilian governments. In the U.S. government, he says, “It’s a really useful bogeyman, but there is no evidence for it.” (The Boston Globe)

He also states that it is apparent that President Donald J. Trump is unfit for office, but the U.S. Constitution and our laws don’t have a clear answer to how to quickly remove him. He says there are tools available such as the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and the impeachment process, but neither of those fits well with the current situation. Musgrave also says both of those fixes are hampered by the high level of congressional incapacity that has developed in recent decades. (Foreign Policy, 10/8/19)

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