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Jesse Rhodes Quoted in a Deadline Detroit Piece

Jesse Rhodes, political science, is quoted in a Deadline Detroit piece that states only 59 people voted in the last presidential election in the Strasburg neighborhood, a predominantly Black community.  A decline in Black turnout in cities like Detroit, Cleveland and Milwaukee cost Hilary Clinton in 2016. Though there’s renewed emphasis on turning out Black Detroiters to avoid the same mistake, less effort is being made to reach the politically disengaged. “There is this challenge for Democrats that … even if they have a demographic or numerical advantage, it’s limited by the lower tendency of non-white Americans to turn out to vote, and that’s not a criticism of those people, it’s rather that it’s reflective of the party’s and political organizations’ failure to ... include them in politics in the same way they do whites.” (Deadline Detroit, 10/6/20)

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