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Haas Keynotes Saitama International Symposium

Professor Peter Haas was an invited speaker at the Saitama University International Symposium in Tokyo, Japan on Decemer 17, 2013.

The symposium, which focused on "Towards the Asian Century: Environmental Issues, Economic Inequality, and Human Security in East Asia," brought together experts from the US and Korea to discuss some of the current challenges for East Asia as it becomes a center of growth and prosperity.

"Asia has become the center of growth and prosperity in the world. At the same time, the region is rife with problems such as territorial conflicts, environmental issues, economic inequalities, and human rights problems," say conference organizers. "In an Asia where people, corporations, capital, information, and even pollution transcend national borders, is it possible to establish regional governance and effective cooperation between the national governments in the region? And if so, how?"

In his lecture, Professor Haas explored the possibilities for environmental governance in the region.

While in Japan, Professor Haas also gave a talk on "Evolving Patterns of International Environmental Governance" at the United Nations University in Yokohama, Japan.

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