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Haas Explains "Lessons from Non State Global Environmental Governance"

Peter Haas, Professor of Political Science, explained the "lessons learned from nonstate global environmental governance" at the Conference on Global Climate Change Policy Without the United States at Yale Law School November 9-10, 2012.

In the forty years since the first United Nations Conference on the Environment (UNCED), society has uncovered a host of new environmental challenges and problems, says Haas. It is illogical to think that the solutions accepted or proposed back then are those which should continue to be put forward now. Furthermore, those institutions tasked with exploring and solving environmental issues must come together to produce networked, collective solutions.

"Global environmental problems can no longer be dealt with independently of coupled and causually connected issues," he says "[M]ultiple stakeholder groups need to be brought to the table." 

How those individual actors and stakeholders are brought together will influence the success or failure of environmental governance. Haas says organizations and actors must examine the processes developed for agenda-setting, negotiation, compliance,and implementation, and they must discuss fully their resilience, parternships, and intra- and inter-actor dynamics. Each of these issues will be discussed in more detail in his forthcoming work Improving International Environmental Governance (Routledge).

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