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Graduate Student Kevin Henderson Receives Point Foundation Scholarship

The Point Foundation is currently the largest scholarship-granting organization in the United States for LGBTQ and ally students. The organization provides scholarships to students that have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership, and involvement in the advancement of the LGBTQ community. The scholarships issued are named after their corporate and non-profit donors. The Point Foundation seeks to compensate for the obstacles faced by these students; it also grants scholarships to community college students seeking to make the transition to a four-year college or university. By supplementing the resources of hardworking LGBTQ students, the Point Foundation hopes to create a more accepting and fair society. 


This year 22 students out of an applicant pool of almost three thousand were chosen to become Point Scholars. Among the new chosen scholars is the ViiV Healthcare Point Scholar and UMass Amherst graduate student, Kevin Henderson. Kevin is a doctoral student of political science with an interest in contemporary political theory as well as the politics surrounding LQBTQ and other marginalized communities. Kevin comes from Cleveland, Ohio and has made serious contributions to sexual rights activism throughout his experience as an undergraduate and graduate student. He also worked full-time with the Nationalities Service Center in Philadelphia before enrolling at UMass. Additionally, Kevin received the Best Teaching Assistant Award from Pi Sigma Alpha earlier this year.

Congratulations to Kevin Henderson for earning recognition for his hard work from both within the UMass community and beyond it! We are glad to have him as part of our own community.


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