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Political Science

I am a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My research interests are broadly located in the subfield of comparative politics, with a specific focus on urban contexts of the developed and developing worlds. My dissertation, titled “Precarious Waters: Infrastructural Practice and the Politics of Water...Read more

Sean Robinson

My major fields of study are comparative and American politics, particularly party development in advanced industrial democracies, intra-party competition, nationalism and constitutions, political actor entrepreneurship, and institutionalisation of rules and norms within parties and legislatures. Specifically, I am interested in examining how ideological battles play out within parties, nationalism...Read more

Samantha Davis

My interests are in comparative political theory, historical theory, and the archive, specifically within the Black political tradition in the Americas. I am currently working on a project that explores the Age of Revolutions across the Black Atlantic. Read more

The need for industrial societies to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels is urgent, but the growing recognition of and response to this imminent global challenge from many sectors—including across the academy—are raising the prospects of achieving a renewable energy revolution. The main goals of my research are to...Read more

Hrvoje Cvijanovic

My field of specialization is political theory - from ancient philosophy, the social contract, liberalism/pluralism, to political mythology, and the state in general. Primarily, I am interested in Hobbes and the problem of political stability. Currently my research is focused on both Hobbes and Carl Schmitt's understanding of the...Read more

I am a doctoral candidate with a focus in American Politics and political methodology. I study representation, political behavior, experimental and survey methods, and political networks. Specifically, my substantive research is motivated by an interest in understanding (1) which Americans are best represented, (2) what kinds of representation Americans...Read more

Martha Balaguera Cuervo

I am a PhD student at the department. I did my undergraduate studies in Political Science at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and an MA in Global and Comparative Politics at the University of Essex. My major fields are comparative politics and political theory. My interests include: democratic theory,...Read more

My subfields are contemporary social and political theory and historical political thought.  I am particularly interested in the theory of Hannah Arendt, and nonhumans.Read more

My main focus is on the study of American politics, with particular emphasis on political parties, elections, and public policy. My current research examines various aspects of party organization and behavior, focusing on the relationship between formal party organizations and informal/external party groups in elections and the development of public policy....Read more

Jim Ben-Aaron

Earned a J.D. from New England School of Law in 2000 and had worked in legal publishing and as a trial attorney. Currently examining the strategies and tactics of attorneys retained to manage responses to political crises (election contests, scandals, criminal matters, and the like).Read more


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