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Political Science

Samuel Stoddard

I am a doctoral candidate (PhD expected Spring 2018) specializing in American Politics.  My research interests include political participation, political behavior, political parties, and elections.  My dissertation seeks to unpack the strong correlation between educational experiences and voter turnout.  I use quantitative data from the National Education Association and...Read more


I focus on contemporary political theory and comparative politics, in both the U.S. and the Middle East.  My dissertation examines how states exert power in the face of natural disasters and the political dissent prompted by these events.  I recently returned from a year of fieldwork in...Read more

I received my B.A. in Political Science from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 2007. My main research interests are the history of social movements, contemporary political theory and radical political thought.Read more

Rebecca Lisi

Research Interests:

I am a doctoral student concentrating within the fields of American Politics and Urban Studies. I am interested in issues of urban ethnic politics, minority representation and participation, identity politics, and social networking as it relates to social movements. Currently, I am writing my dissertation which...Read more

Ben Leiter

My interests are in comparative politics, political theory, race and racism, postcolonial and decolonial thought, social movements, participatory politics, and Latin American politics.Read more

I’m a student of comparative politics and political theory. I am interested in the effects of international intervention in democratization, state building, and development. My research is currently focused on the process of state-building in Afghanistan where I’m doing my field research. How do ordinary people understand and practice...Read more

James Heilman

I am a sixth year doctoral student. My major subfields are International Relations and Contemporary Political and Social Theory and within IR I'm mostly interested in international environmental politics and international political economy. I am currently working on projects that analyze the role played by firms and industry associations...Read more

Amanda Giorgio

I study post-industrial American cities, water infrastructures and (bio)political metaphors. My current research includes a paper on the impact of, and resistance to, the Detroit: Future City plan in the wake of Detroit's bankruptcy, and a study of material, language and politics in Plato's dialogues. Read more

My research lies at the intersection of comparative politics, urban politics, and South Asian politics. My dissertation examines everyday water politics in the world’s so-called “megacities.” Water, I suggest, is a critical modality through which deeply embedded urban practices can be known and understood in cities facing rapid environmental...Read more


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