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Political Science

Michael Hannahan

Michael Hannahan, Director of the UMass Civic Initiative, a program based in the Donahue Institute. As Director, he has managed 47 different exchange programs over the past 11 years and has spoken extensively in Pakistan, Iraq, Indonesia, and Argentina. He has also managed programs in Croatia, Russia, and...Read more

Alex Morse

Alex Morse was born and raised in Holyoke and is a proud product of the city's public schools. He is an alumnus of Brown University with a degree in urban studies, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college. On January 3, 2012, Alex B. Morse was...Read more

Laura Reed

My research interests include U.S. national security policy; implications of globalization for peace and security; nuclear security, nonproliferation, and disarmament initiatives; emerging norms of humanitarian intervention and collective responses to transnational problems.Read more

I am a PhD student with concentrations in contemporary political thought and comparative politics, and with a regional focus in Latin America. My research interests include comparative constitutionalism, theories of democracy and democratization, and the relationship between social movements and constitutional change. In my dissertation I will conduct a...Read more

Candan Turkkan

Candan Turkkan is a PhD candidate at University of Massachusetts Amherst, department of Political Science. Her dissertation (December 2016) traces the transformations in the supply chain of fresh fruits and vegetables in Turkey within the last 30 – 35 years. Focusing on both the economic and the legal reformulations...Read more

I am currently in my final year as a Ph.D. student at UMass Amherst (expecting to finish in March of 2018), with my major subfields being American Politics and Public Law. Before enrolling in graduate school, I earned law degrees in both The Netherlands and the United States and...Read more

Ethan Tupelo


While primarily interested in political theory and comparative politics, my interests span multiple subfields.  Specifically, I am interested in philosophical and practical justifications of the State and the possibility of creating political institutions that are not ultimately based on the threat of force, how oppressive institutions can...Read more

Kevin Henderson

Kevin Henderson is a graduate student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  He is also a student in the program for Advanced Feminist Studies through the Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Department at UMass.  Broadly, his academic interests include: the history of political thought;...Read more

Samuel Stoddard

I am a doctoral candidate (PhD expected Spring 2018) specializing in American Politics.  My research interests include political participation, political behavior, political parties, and elections.  My dissertation seeks to unpack the strong correlation between educational experiences and voter turnout.  I use quantitative data from the National Education Association and...Read more


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